Joel Goldstein discusses Traumatic Brain Injury and it's treatment

Joel Goldstein, author of "No Stone Unturned", a book describing the long treatment cycle of his son, Bart Goldstein, after a serious car accident caused tra...

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Comment by Keithanthony on October 15, 2012 at 4:03pm

Thank you Joel I really appreciate being on your wife's prayer list. Great news that Bart is able to work, and I had to look up the meaning of LENS (Low-Energy Neurofeedback System) I still don't know how its achieved. 

Unfortunately Regine didn't make it passing over and going home at 6.00 Central Europe Time 15 October which reminds me of the many head injured people I have known that didn't make it but God doesn't make mistakes, and Regine is where she is needed most.

I have just been watching Robin Williams "Awakenings" DVD which I always find makes me abreact taking back to the times when I have been interred in similar places.  My friend with me could only take the mickey out of the behavior of the patients despite it made me more and more distressed, he only disputed that I had ever been anything like that. Its the same friend who despite I was hospitalized  by a drink driver my life as it was ruined tells me I'm oversensitive, since its okay for him to drink drive because he knows he can handle it.

I'm in a lot of pain with my fasting my back, legs, and arms really hurt so I appreciate your prayer list

Best regards


Comment by Joel Goldstein on October 15, 2012 at 7:06am

Ann, So glad you found our video of some use.  Sharing with the other members of the fellowship of TBI is the best way I know of making sense out of what has happened to us.

Warm regards,
Comment by Joel Goldstein on October 15, 2012 at 7:06am

Thank you for your kind words Keith.  Our sons name is Bart.  All the best of  luck on your fast.  My wife Dayle keeps a prayer list, rest assured you're now on it.  Bart has just started a new part-time job as a helper in a local pub.  We're all very excited and grateful.  He still takes regular craniosachral therapy, which helps him cognitively and emotionally.  He's in a pretty good state of mind.  We are looking into LENS neurfeedback, but not yet ready to take the plunge.  Stay well,  your brother in TBI,

Comment by Ann Grabhorn on October 14, 2012 at 7:18am

Thank you . . . .

                 thank you......Thank you.

Comment by Keithanthony on October 13, 2012 at 2:47pm

Joel I'm really moved by your video. I know the path is long and I'm so grateful that your son has the family support network that I did not they still turn their back on me because I haven't ever been more than a burden nor reached the financial heights they have.  My own recovery has spanned 34 years without assistance many times unable to rise from the floor for days, and so I truly appreciate all the wonderful work you are doing, and I hope that your son picks up the ball much faster.

Joel never lose sight that life is wonderful at any level, and that things although sometimes hard happen for a reason, and we are all of us privileged and lucky to be here.  Your son no matter what happens has a meaningful purpose attached to his life, I'm quite sure it would be wonderful to meet him. I am at this moment on a 40 day water fast because there are people I know who are very sick one of them in coma with a bleeding brain stem. I'm dedicating this time to them and God because I have come to believe that with God, impossible is never the final prognosis, and he hears what is on our heart.  I would be so happy to include your son in my 40 days fasting and prayer in the certain knowledge that God will hear my plea for him, JoJo, and Regina.  Just please tell me his name, I'm sure you said it during the video but my recall is damaged I cannot retain in particular peoples names.

I am a hypnotist so if I can help your son in any way I'd be very happy to do it. I can reach him from the UK using my video conference room.  You mentioned in your video neuro plasticity which I did remember because I have experienced its power and we should not underestimate how important that is, or that hypnosis will get it running at top speed if I'm any evidence.

Comment by Joel Goldstein on October 9, 2012 at 9:39am

Thanks for your kind words Glen. We members of the fellowship of TBI need to learn from and comfort each other.  I recently learned a bit about LENS Neurofeedback from someone who wrote me about their son's journey back frrm TBI. Not ready to try it ourselves yet, but looks promising, and like it does no harm.  Our general approach to alternative therapies is summarized in a recent article in

Hope you find it of some use.....   your brother in TBI,


Comment by Glen Brist on October 9, 2012 at 7:38am
This was one of the Best informative, inspiring, videos ever ! We do need to advocate for each other, and keep trying as life is ahead. Made me not only somber but appreciative of the struggles and achievements of others.. I feel indebted , to all our fellow tbi'ers.

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