CURRENTLY SERVICING 5000 PLUS SPOTS spot is a support session group, activity or opportunity for someone living with a brain injury. you know how you wonder why did i live this might be my reason  Te…


spot is a support session group, activity or opportunity for someone living with a brain injury.

you know how you wonder why did i live this might be my reason 

Terms are up for interpretation and as people change Managing these terms so do the terms change This will only affect adult services but less than 900 slots will remain but will eliminate  the 400 rural slots leaving those with little to no support meaning to some nothing is better than something.


the good news we will be able to have around 1500of the slots served in another way but eliminating transportation assistance.

Till June  those involved with activities with a non-brain injured person will not be able to have the nondisabled person attend until after the initial hour to 90minutes we will continue to serve the group’s members but activities and many other opportunities there will be no support and coordination.  Many volunteers will help as they can.

the necessity to do this to keep one of the most decent vendors going, myself I will be involved but I must replace 1/3 of my income with taking on more where I am at or another part-time or full time job. 

More bad news almost immediately the software, site names hosting  website phone lines meeting software for many will be discontinued the cost for these are about a thousand a month.  I will be leasing 3 of the 4 server panels we have open and hoping to do enough summer fests to pay off the 11,500 charged this year the real good news is all most all of what we do will remain but

much of the brain injury specific stuff will blend, camp will continue with a different focus it will be the 4th focus change in the 22 ears we have done camp, it will still be good this year will have most of the focus on brain injury as we

Transition to something else, there will be no support for the camp for it does not meet the changed terminology of percentages

Even though it has sever over a1000 survivors for less than a dollar for me this is a good thing one I have held back what I really think for years, and to watch so much corruptions has been hard, and I have spent years being discriminated against and took it for the good of

the whole, I have been slandered beyond shame to prevent us from growing none of this has worked, and I might be able to take that abuse

And have it turned into a foundation for future survivors turn bad into good.  Still don't fix the hardening my heart has taken any my body isn’t doing well doing music and this will put a stop in the necessity of doing that I haven’t really started this year yet and already some mini

Seizures but maybe the knowledge of just one more season will get me through it either way I have no choice it was nice being able to spoil survivors with the best of technology and support but over the last 10 years I have put over 130,000 75k from my settlement with no regrets

I would do it again Washington was not the state to do it through the establishment has fought and tried to eliminate me for the last 7 years.

So I may finally get to do something about it things will be good it is what is meant to be and it will be better than it is all things happen for a reason but it does appear this is the path

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