Tommy Manning Act 10 Year Poem

As I sit here reaching out to all of the original advocates of the TBI act.  As I try to speak to each of them or try to first was Tommy.  As Tommy answers the phone, out of breath on his bathroom floor slightly panicking.  Tommy says my caregivers not showing of today I still needed to use the bathroom what am I supposed to do.  Happy to hear from me we chat a little bit about the last 10 years ago and it sure did not look today like we hoped it would look like.  In fact, it was worse in many ways. 

So much change and so many people come and go into it to the council would have no idea that every couple years come new  people and are excited their full of enthusiasm.  In addition, every few years they go disappointed and beaten You see they are an advisory council, and the state don’t necessarily have to do anything they just advise them.  Over the years, they proved they would do anything they want.

We remembered sitting there are about this time in 2008 we were proud, in our minds and hearts things were about to get a little bit better for survivors.  Washington already had a thriving community of survivors that had a network of kindness and care, survivors around the world wanted what we had, no one wants what’s here now, See our hope was to help survivors create something so special the survivors dreams and hopes is what we wished.  Instead, those profiteers to raise money just to have use them. 

So I ask Tommy, have things done better for you.  His answer was hell no, his communities of support were destroyed, people he knew just could not handle the politics of the people trying to get the money anymore it became business not people.  Like the same as they made the rich richer and gave them a way to control people.

He remembers Senator Flannigan him looking at is saying it’s because if you survivors that this happened.  You should be very proud he said the senator said but there’s no pride in destroying your community and your friends.  Tommy’s journey has been hard and lonely, and few moments of clarity .  But on his bathroom floor all alone he remembered what he had and said make sure shel knows how thankful for all she tried to do.  And out of the blue he says As much as he enjoys a good meal, he is not stupid and  said he sure hates that people think that is the price of his endorsement he says.  We ended our call promising this today in better touch and we do mean it sometimes life is so busy sometimes we really want to and will try we hope it happens this time.

Then i texted someone who i thought was one of my best friends ever but the fact may of been in my own head where a lot of stuff is that maybe one more time it was as simple as  i was an opportunity''for someones personal agenda.and be one f these life lessons  that hit me along side of the head through out my lif

Next I call Constance if she wasn’t doing the same thing now as she was  doing 10 years ago pick up the phone answering of being there for anyone who needed support, say what you might about this woman she’s always there, no matter when you call no matter what time of day.     She is ready to help you with whatever you need.  And you would think she be a little better, there were still hope in her voice that small group of people would ban together again.  Maybe she is right just seems insurmountable.  Money or no money there will be some of us always  there.  i tell you what when the big money’s gone these services or business  gone so are they. 

As for me easier 10 years ago were things were easier all tried to get along things for were decent.  Now the highest bidder to keep people from contacting our organization the money was used to get exclusive from hospitals uses this money,   no referrals were to ever come our way.  and the sad thing is that when I first came into and for years and years survivors paid the tab well they raise thousands and thousands of dollars. They only want more and now stab each other to get it


And this resource program we fought so hard for when asked about other groups like us they are told there are no longer and when they discover we are, there told they are unsafe and do crazy things that no one should go to.  When that don’t work They’re paid employees tell  lies about anyone in their way and confuse our community members minds thinking that were awful.  You see they want to be the only.

  if you look at them their angry people  not happy people at all,  people they help are no  better than they were when they first walked  in and of course when you’re lied to so much you start to believe it  There bodies may be healed but their mind and hearts are hardened.   The good news is we have helped May to go on to find life again, only a few stay and fight.  Some have tried to be beaten down, but never the less we will continue,  it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why they want to control everything I think it needs to be investigated from the inside out.   And to think I was thinking I could step away let things be the way they were going to be, a the universe has other plans I don’t get a step away, as thousands and thousands of dollars are raised and try to steal the money of those they killed.  Unfortunately for them I’ve documented everything and share it all in people’s hands.  Done this for 12 years straight every day I write down everything that happens two to three times a day I have paper work from the swamp  that they don’t even know that anyone has paper  accusing people of things that nobody should be accused of,

For all of this you would think I would know who the bad is and who is a good, I know some of the bad and some of the good.  Nevertheless, their relentless game keeps my mind confused as they try to work every one against everyone.  You need   to be smart and pay attention and try not to make rash decisions for I’ve lost a couple friends in those rash decisions am sorry Bill you were one of them.  And  I came along there was a Gloria and Irene against one another thinking each did the nasty  task in fact neither of them had anything to do with any of that, that’s a game they play enemies out of every one and create the smoke.


When I ask myself all of this,  are things better or is it worse.     the lies and deception that are used to hurt people to influence them to do your bidding mean things have gotten bad.               Of all of this I had its a best friend for a while  that always be in my heart raised my kids it gave me purpose and now motivated more than I’ve ever been before the time has come you have seen nothing.  But to lie to control  people that we’re looking for help so that you can control their dollars and cents.  Knowing what kind of people these really are , and watch them stabbed each other in the back try to get one more buck.  There is a band of a few who will gather again and stand up for what is right.


 All those with disabilities who are  discriminated against the more marginalized and made to fill small by  your elitists actions should be no more   If I need to get back to writing and sending thousands of emails out again which I am today.  Thank you my dear swamp for energizing my soul like never before guess I was fighting the wrong thing   the fight was supposed to be to protect them from something that was already there those trying to become famous or rich whatever it may be.  However, you may never feel a pinch of penny in this world.  It is kind of funny as somebody so bitter and angry with no education should lead the elite so astray into your own greed.  It’s not this world you must fret it shall be the next.

 things are what they are in my heart that next world is a place of peace,  peace I and many others never found here because of you and your great dear swamp,  but a peace because i  did what my heart said was true.  A piece you will never know.

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