Northwest residents in the last 3 years or less have you been discriminated, mis-lead , lied to, slandered or directed from a path you were taking by bad mouthing of others

Join in a small group who have stories and evidence of slander, discrimination, civil Rico, racketeering, corruptions and more tying multiple agencies and professionals together, and other suspected things with over 20 people to be subpoenaed and not all of them will lie,  If you have been mislead, had a profession get you thinking things about another person that you maybe believed but really didn't know, 

All of these have to have been 3 years or less depending but your stories can still be useful to help prevent this from happening to others in the future and put a stop to a rigged system of support and bad medical help.  10% of anything gathered will be put into a trust so peer to peer support and mentoring can thrive in eastern washington if all goes good it will take several years but support folks for decades.

And be prepared for more hell it will happen in 2 cases a local case and a federal case in a location where fairness can happen and the law can be interpreted and  enforced not created

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