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Hi Everyone!  I spoke a little of Neuroplasticity and how it involves "repairing" brain neurons which were destroyed by our TBI accident.  I have been doing some research on Neutoplasticity and found a website which gives your brain various short-term memory exercises.....if you would like to try it then goto this site: .   You can register as a "new user" and get approximately 2 months of a free trial.  I've done some of the "remembering Flags" exercise.  It does give your shot-term memory usage a workout......and according to researchers in this area, exercising your areas which need help, is the best way of improving your short-term memory.  Whereas, let's say that your having difficulties with one side of your body due to a stroke, such as my left side from my stroke, by exercising let's say your left arm by lifting perhaps a small 20-25 pound weight, you continually stimulate the nerves which help to move your arm and hand....and hopefully help to improve your usage of your arm/hand, or whatever extremity your having problems with.  So check out this website and give it a try......Phil

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Comment by Kasey Phillips on September 11, 2011 at 10:24am
I can not begin to express how thankful I am for the wealth of information, and insight you have shared with me. I do also plan on utilizing it.
He has been through extensive rehab therapy, and life skills learning, and I teach him as much as I can. He sees a Dr but not a neuro I think maybe he's afraid too. I tried to get him to when the mini seizures began getting so bad. And I defiantly want to discuss a psychiatrist and maybe some counseling, especially to help me with teaching him socially accepted behaviors.
See I just arrived on this scene this year. He had hidden himself away and it took me 9 yrs to find him. When I did he was in a wheelchair, physically unkept and was basically just existing. I refused to accept that fate for him.
With help, love and support, oh and alot of patience lol, he has completely turned around, and has begun to love life again :)
Comment by phil espinoza on September 10, 2011 at 7:25pm

correction:  Complex

Comment by phil espinoza on September 10, 2011 at 7:23pm
I know it is his mind.....that is, whatever is not damaged.....he can be going through a really-tough time with the reality of who he is now.......It is freaken fact sometimes I just start crying - out of despiration....almost feel like I'm going totally, he's probably going thru a tough time.....but, it is "essential" and "necessary" that he sees his Neurologist, and/or any psychiatrist as part of his recovery process......this is imperative!  Seeing as many as possible...whenever!  Cause the brain is the most "comple" organ in the is an extremely difficult organ to diagnose.  It is "imperative" he be able to ask for "professional Medical and Psychological professionals-and go to see them "whenever"....I am a 10 year Army Veteran...the VA has me seeing many Doctors and is unbelivable how many I have to I can get different professional points of view about my TBI due to its complex nature...okay?  Counseling (constant) is essential and highly-necessary.....because, as you know....and I'm very sorry....Suicide is a problem due to TBI symptoms.  But, he needs to "open to someone"...that is someone with TBI who "understands" and even a Neurologist......Everyday I pray to our Lord, and ask him for his "guidance" and "strength" in dealing with my TBI symptoms....because, they do change everyday.....just like a mood you never really get a good grip on dealing with TBI......But I'll tell you something we can be greatful todays medical advancements in TBI science....It is getting closer to maybe more answers of what TBI is......When I was a kid, I remember thinking how bad it would be to have brain damage.....cause in the 60's.......there was pretty-much nothing in terms of brain structure and TBI.....Nothing!  Just think, when Marilyn Monroe died.....she probably suffered from intense depression and other brain many other poor souls probably thought they were insane....when in fact they had some form of, what we know now, as I've got to go...but good luck to both of you!  Phil
Comment by Kasey Phillips on September 10, 2011 at 12:06pm
Hi Phil,
Thank you for.your insightful reply and words of encouragement. I hate that you are going through what you are, in regards to your fiance, and hope you also continue to take one day at a time.
No, fortunantly I do not have a TBI.
Comment by phil espinoza on September 10, 2011 at 11:15am
Kasey....First, let me say, I know it is "double Tough" for you.  Did you say you also have TBI?  You are going through a "tough Time"  I can tell.......Your boyfriend is going through his own tough TBI experience....which I can relate to due to my misunderstanding of what is going on around me at times........Because of my disorganized process of "incoming Information"....I am also going thru a tough relationship with my Fiance.........In fact, she and I are going to separate soon, in order for us to manage our lives (hopefully) better.  I am a "difficult" person to get along with due to my perception of her behavior towards me sometimes.......Basically, Debra (Fiance), needs a break from "My TBI"........She has been there for me since coming out of my coma in Sep 2008.....So needless to say....she's been through a tough time....I am hurt, but, I feel that Debra needs her "logical space" in her life also.....It's gonna be tough...but...I"ll pray for her and for myself for the "Strength" needed to survive and for God to give her strength in her life........So for you, and your boyfriend....I will pray for today for Godgive you both "strength" to make the best decisions in order to "exist with TBI" and many of the difficulties it creates.....Please take it "One Day at a Time"...okay?  And tell your boyfriend, I pray for him also.....Godbless....Phil E.
Comment by Kasey Phillips on September 8, 2011 at 5:19pm
I dealt with my father who had a TBI for 4 yrs, unfortunately he commited suicide.
I am now dealing with TBI all over again however in a different manner. My high school sweetheart, daughters father, and on again off again boyfriend is now suffering from his 3rd, and permanent TBI. Hes 38, his short term is completely gone, he is extremely impulsive, and when he's tired he "short circuits" and gets very verbally abusive, and remembers nothing afterwards. He has "mini" seizures, and mentally we have good and bad days. I sometimes still grieve for the man I loved, because he is gone. There are times a hint of the old him will come through and I cherish those moments. Ive learned apot if tricks to dealing with him, lol. I do love the new man, but sometimes it is all so overwhelming. To top his condition off, he is currently battling alcoholism, and is chronic pain all the time due to titanium rods in his lower back.
He has come SO far, he's walking again almost all the time, he even jogged a little the other day, he graduated from one of the top culinary schools, and is living in his own apartment in an independent living building and doing great with it. He is truly a miracle, and one of the strongest people I have ever met. He gets frustrated, and very depressed at the change in income now, but he shakes it off. He knows he isn't the same person, and one of his greatest fears is I won't be able to handle it anymore and walk away. And don't get me wrong sometimes I struggle with that decision.
I am thankful for websites such as this, that can provide people like me, who loves someone so hard to love (due to no fault of theirs) an avenue of knowledge and support.
Ivy and Kasey

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