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Tommy Manning Act 10 year group poem

Tommy Manning Act 10 Year Poem

As I sit here reaching out to all of the original advocates of the TBI act.  As I try to speak to each of them or try to first was Tommy.  As Tommy answers the phone, out of breath on his bathroom floor slightly panicking.  Tommy says my caregivers not showing of today I still needed to use the bathroom what am I supposed to do.  Happy to hear from me we chat a little bit about the last 10 years ago and it sure did not look today like we…


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Northwest residents in the last 3 years or less have you been discriminated, mis-lead , lied to, slandered or directed from a path you were taking by bad mouthing of others

Join in a small group who have stories and evidence of slander, discrimination, civil Rico, racketeering, corruptions and more tying multiple agencies and professionals together, and other suspected things with over 20 people to…


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CURRENTLY SERVICING 5000 PLUS SPOTS spot is a support session group, activity or opportunity for someone living with a brain injury. you know how you wonder why did i live this might be my reason  Te…


spot is a support session group, activity or opportunity for someone living with a brain injury.

you know how you wonder why did i live this might be my reason 

Terms are up for interpretation and…


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What Kind Of Woman Is this?

Who am I? I started a new seizure medication last month, but the effects are worse than imagined. First when I missed a dose at night, I woke up so sad; I was crying for hours until the new dose took effect. The new thing I have noticed is now when something makes me angry, I become full of rage and can’t shake it. I say and do things that I would not normally do. I was ready to divorce my husband because he hung a shelf at the wrong height. I had hateful dreams about those closest to me. I…


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New to the Beaumount, Texas Area

I am new to the Beaumount, Texas, area, but many are encouraging my positive perspective of brain recovery vs. injured, disabled, retarded, handicapped, crippled, etc., (legal disability environment/fear factor) cognitively challenged (linguistic intelligence-Harvard University/optimistic explanatory learning style-Positive Psychology Center, etc.) ensures more success rather than those negatively defined terms, I've found over the decades from research at Harvard, etc., & statics. If I…


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Full Circle

As a survivor of Traumatic Brain-Injury who is too stubborn to give up and yield to the notion that I cannot work due to disability, I have--more than once--been a client of the Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. My file has never been closed as successfully employed, though I have gotten jobs during the Voc. Rehab. process (once, I didn't know that I needed to let my counselor know that I had gotten a job on my own, so that my file could be…


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Thursday May 18 TBI Panel Conference Spokane WA 1-830PM

TBI Panel Symposium

Diagnosing, Treating, and Thriving

with Traumatic Brain Injuries

May 18th, 2017 | 1PM till 8PM

EWU Spokane,

SEWC 122 (Auditorium),…


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Dark Times Ahead

Folks, we have got to be proactive. The new administration heralds sharp policy changes, changes that will affect TBI survivors and their families.

I am not getting up on a soapbox and telling you how to vote, how to think. I simply implore you to weight the evidence and see if any proposed…


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As the National Organization of Disability appointtee for Magnolia, Arkansas 1994-98, I served with pride while attending Southern Arkansas University.  However, I had been recruited to Southern Arkansas University in 1993 from the University of Arkansas in Monticello for my authoritative proof/educational program "Challenged Conquistadors, Inc.",, since I meet the requirements for the Wal Mart grant, etc., of surviving a coma.  The Wal Mart, Pilot Club, & Southern Arkansas University…


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Clinical Trial that Can Perhaps Help You?

"Is your balance off due to Brain Injury? Check out new Brain Injury Radio sponsor site or call 877-847-4284" - NOT # on site...But one dedicated to our group...Our own Rep to see if we qualify, to ask questions, etc.  Limited Space, so reach out soon!…


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our stories

Hi, Isn't this a free service for people interested in traumatic injury?  I noticed my story wasn't posted, went to sign in (which is different from, and find there is a different login procedure and a yearly sum of 36.00 to post ones' personal experience of exasperation or such.  

The site is or com, and seems unworthy of a direct link from our TBI site, which has changed quite a bit over the years.  Including a TBI…


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The importance of support groups

Hello everyone, the following link will open an article I wrote for the TBI Hope & Inspiration magazine, and posted on the June 2016 issue.

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  20 days into my 17th year a really bad choice, beings the cab was full I jumped into the bed of the pickup... Low & behold,  To avoid a head-on, as we were traveling over 100 mph, we swerved only to hit a big bolder. I was found 298' from the wreck, however a cortical tare around my brain-stem, which at that point there had never been any record of them healing, left me to be found DOA. CPR revived me although the following 9 & 1/2 weeks in Coma caused me to require resuscitation 5…


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Brain Injury Camp - July 18 to 24 - here is some of the workshops



Here this years workshops so far is going to be a great camp.

click here to down load workshops or view them…


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Please Support Brain Injury Camp



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Need help contacting Mr. Bylar Re: "You look Great!"

hello name is Bruce, I have lived with TBI for 34 years of my life with TBI....and I will tell you more later.  I am desperately trying to contact Mr. Byler for permission to use (edit) his video into a 1 minute PSA that could possibly be used by Altitude Networks for the Month of March.....that is 16 channels covering the Western US, that is millions who this PSA could reach, I have connections in the Denver Nuggets who presented me with this opportunity and I am…


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