My brain injured mother is living in her car......

My mothers name is Nyla,

In 2009 when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant she was on the losing end of a bus vs van collision. She broke most of the bones in her face as well as suffering many other injuries, including a couple of strokes while she was in her coma.

She. Is. Difficult. I mean sure she was a pain in the neck before the accident but now she is almost without the ability to empathize and see any other point of view than her own.

As difficult as she can be, she still has all her faculties and I think  she can live independently . I wouldn't wish her pain on anyone, she has constant ice pic head pains that are so forceful she falls down, also she is losing all her teeth, and as someone who got by on large part do to the fact that she was beautiful this is especially hard for her to go through and for me to watch.

She has lived with me and my husband and two young children. She has lived with my sister and her boyfriend. She has lived in low income ( which she still couldnt afford on only 700 per month) apartments and also section 8 apartments. She was kicked out of her section 8 housing because she kept smoking in her unit and I believe having problems with other tenants, I never got the whole story there.

Most recently she was asked to leave by my sister...... I have mixed feelings about this..... I am going to go pick her up in a couple days and she is going to stay with me at least while my husband is working out of town. However living with me isnt an option right now. 

I need help. I need resources to reach out to. My mom needs and deserves a home.... If anyone here has any recommendations please, please, please....... I dont know where to start or what avenues to explore.....

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that is tough 

I don't know everything added into your post Kachele but there are different things that can help until your Mother can live in her own place. I have a brain injury myself and I have to admit, I was a pain to most, a time or two. I looked into all of my medications and found more than once, my neurologists had me taking the wrong combination. I broke my back and didn't talk to my physical medicine doctor. On top of that, they fed me antidepressants to sleep instead of sedatives until I found the right sleep specialist. He found I have chronic insomnia!! We can't watch someone 24/7 to see if something is wrong. Your Mother may need different help or medicine in order to open up some more options of where to live. Sometimes i'd hold a thing or two back before i'd tell my doctor because I didn't want to add any trouble to anyone. Being difficult and holding things back was wrong until someone told me about it. I didn't notice what was happening- my dizziness and black outs, and I finally told things to my doctor. I had thyroid problems, almost died if someone didn't point things out to me.
So I guess it's more that maybe her levels are off but she got so used to it that she didn't discuss any trouble she's having. It could be her sugar, salt, thyroid, hemoglobin, etc. Levels are off and a simple change in food, sleep, or medicine could be the key to finding the right place for her.
Doctors can miss things so staying in tune with sny test taken can help stop any trouble it may cause.
Sorry so long but I just wanted to say that it's hard to believe things will get better when you've lost hope but never give up with your Mother. Look into her 'whole world' and that will more than likely help show you what and where she really can and should move to.
Good luck with everything.


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