Vocational assesment which takes about a week.

i'm doing one of those. I've been applying for Disability SSI but they haven't accepted me  , i guess i could do some simple job but i'm not fit for a fancy high pay career.

So if i have an assesment done, it will show that probably i can do something but it wil be nothing but a low wage job  and that won't help me be able to live or have an apartment cause apartments etc cost too much and i'm not yet accepted for SSI. So, i iwll be working but living in the streets? that kind of doesn't make sense.

Why even help me get a job if i'm gonna still be homeless.

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it helps figure out our deficits so we can focus on them and helps develop a plan to relearn or rehabilitate 

I feel your frustration. I'm on my third appeal. It's not that I cannot do the tasks involved in a number of jobs, it's that I have periods of confusion when I don't know where I am or what I'm doing. Those times are frightening, and they happen often enough that I cannot imagine any sane employer wanting me on his payroll. In addition, I cannot stand long. I have two knees that are in constant pain and don't work well. I cannot plan or focus, and I have gaps of time I cannot account for, usually just a few hours at a time, but I have lost entire days. A system designed to catch cheaters is a system designed to prevent anyone else from succeeding.

If there is a job I CAN do, I'll find it before any jobs program will. I work all the time at improving my focus. I test myself constantly to find work-arounds that will enable me to do profitable work. My "plan" has always been to get back off of disability as soon as possible. My children have had to put their lives on hold to support my wife and I. It is not fair to them. They ought to be in college pursuing careers of their own. Instead, they take care of us, while their presence ensures the system won't care for us, because combined, they make too much money for assistance.

fuck capitalism


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