Does anyone on here had a hard time accepting themselves after their injury/accident? I have struggled with this from the get go. It seems to be getting worse. I think this is because I have gone kicking and screaming and refuse to accept I am different. It has been a little over 2 years since my life changed forever. I'm not good at change, and never have been. My partner has helped me a lot with accepting who I am. I just somehow cannot let it go. Parts of me are the old me and parts of me are this stranger living in my body, who I have to get to know eventually. I think the worst part is people asking me when are you going to go back to work or school? Like I should be WAY over this now! Thanks for listening.

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not much i can say that has not already been said. love all the replies, ill have to keep coming back to view the ones i did not get to, found inspiration in them myself..  and hope everything is going great for you.

Hey, my TBI happened 3/13/08.  I was comatose for 15 days.  Car accident.  I often wished I had died. I feel a lot better about myself nowadays.  Years ago, when it first happened, i felt helpless and hopeless.  I was 18 years old when it happened and I was in my prime.  By that I mean, I was good looking, athletic A and B student, ya know, the whole 9 yards.  When I woke up out of the coma, I had missing teeth, staples holding my lip together, 2 tracheotomy holes in my neck with one inserted, I couldn't remember anything.  I felt so helpless.  I was weak and did not understand fully what had happened until months after I left the hospital and was rehab both physical and mental.  Life gets better, personally I realized how 'different' i was and felt from my normal self and didn't like that.  I would often cry to myself or outcast myself to feel comfort and understanding.  Nobody knew how if really felt, and I kept feeling like they were treating me like an infant or like somebody else. 

How are you feeling now that it has been sometime since your accident.  Me, I feel a lot better in my skin.  Honestly, I still have flaring emotions and tend to get upset easily but I can keep it under control for the most part.  I no longer wanna die, I've accepted myself and that is the best thing you can do.  I engage in hobbies that keep my uplifted like writing, or listening to music.  I also talk to people who witnessed me in that state and ask the often what was I like and whats different about me.  

As hard as it was, I found that proving that I am the same person or even better than I was, deemed a great strategy to recovery for me.  Talking to friends and family helped jog my memory, as well as pictures.  I too, had to learn how to walk , and my family members names and things like that.  But it seemed to come back little by little over time.

Since the accident, I have graduated EIU with a bachelors degree, and I found that I am here for a reason.  I work in the mental health field at a Severe Residential Group Home on the West side of Chicago.  These kids have also had physical or emotional trauma in their young lives.  Even though my degree is in Physical Education, I work in this field that has nothing to do with my major.  Why? Because I have ability to connect with these youngsters and I have saved lives by and encouraging many adolescence to stay focused and stay positive, because things will get better.  This accident and the scars I have from it, my permanent raspy voice from the tracheotomy is all so interesting to the kids, so they listen to me, so I try to be the best role-model I can be to them.  I no longer want to do harm to myself or want to die, I've accepted myself and I am happy who I have become.  Although, I still struggle with anger issues and impulse reactions, but I can deal with that.  God bless all of you, and prayers do work.    

Hi my name is Linda. My injury happened 3 & 1/2 years ago. My biggest "problem" is not being able to do what I used to do. I use to kick box 5 days a week, now because of balance issues I cannot. I have gained a lot of weight and have major issues with hormone unbalance. It was great to read of you success in excepting who you are now

After, just months shy of, 3 decades of living with the multiple effects of my Traumatic Brain Injury I have came to the assumption that people, including so called long time friends, take advantage of me beings I am naive.  I have hated my rehabilitated life & wanted it to be over (even attempted ending it many times) I try talking to people about it, I get told that I was saved for a reason & people have it worse then I do. When I attempt to get help, I wind up getting put in a room by myself where all I have is the mental anguish that has haunted me...

  I certainly feel for you & am both happy & envious of you for having a partner with you throughout any trials you face.

  Pardon me please for venting. God bless

I do not know whether I can directly involve myself in your discussion with someone else or not; if I cannot, then please pardon me.

I also had a severe Brain injury that occurred back in 1981 that required 6 hours of Brain Surgery that left me with three vacant areas of the Brain.  One all the things that were offered me or even with what I did on my own- 'Audio Meditations' were the most successful as I recovered my Short-term Memory back 100% and as of now 41% of the 3 previous vacated areas of the Brain have now been 're-occupied' with new Brain Cells filling in.  So it really depends on exactly whom you are dealing with in this area & the correct Audio Titles that you are involved with.  There is no guarantee in this at all, but I will say if you can remain on them long enough- you will see at the very minimum definite improvement which is absolutely better vs. a 0% which is your rating as of now. .

Things have changed so much I hardly know myself since my accident. I hate it sometimes.


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